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aaron-rossAaron Ross (@motoceo) wrote Silicon Valley’s sales bible, “Predicable Revenue”, detailing how he helped build’s sales development team years ago in order to achieve predictable sales growth. His advice in sales role specialization has been implemented in many types of sales organizations like high-tech software companies, HVAC service vendors and sole proprietorships.

In this episode Aaron and I catch up on what has happened since “Predictable Revenue” and what the sales role specialization strategy has done to selling organizations. We talk about how social media outlets create more of a distraction for salespeople and how phone and email are still your best tools. We finish the conversation touching on the seven painful truths in his new book, “From Impossible To Inevitable,” and discuss his life with 11 kids.

Questions During Episode

  • Is Predictable Revenue still relevant?
  • How have social media platforms affected its strategy?
  • Any favorite stories from those that read Predictable Revenue?
  • Any old school product or service companies see growth after implementing your strategy?
  • What is in “From Impossible to Inevitable?”
  • In your opinion where are companies still falling short?
  • You just had another child? The 11th? When will stop?
  • What are you doing with your time besides chasing kids?

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