The Boldest BDR

After years of sneaking onto earnings calls, this BDR was called out by the Wall Street Journal and his colleagues turned on him. Read the amazing story of how he coaxed CEOs and CFOs into setting meetings so he could exceed KPIs.

BlackRock Malware

BlackRock Mobile Malware

BlackRock – an advanced Android malware derived from Xeres malware – evades detection and steals login credentials or credit card data from 337 different mobile banking, shopping, lifestyle, and video apps. BlackRock was disclosed in July 2020 by ThreatFabric. The Zimperium z9 engine had begun detecting early variants of BlackRock in the weeks prior to …

2020 Mobile App Breaches

The below timeline includes notable mobile app breaches, failures, and data leaks in 2020. Scroll through the dozens of stories to learn about the more prominent breaches.  The timeline is built using Timeline JS from The Northwestern University Knight Lab.

Data Visualization: Mobile Banking App Risks and Vulnerabilities

This data visualization is constructed using Google Data Studio using a data set of mobile banking app security risks and vulnerabilities. The data set was formulated using a mobile app scanning and testing platform from Zimperium. by Scott Kingin Data Visualization, Mobileon Posted onJune 4, 2020

App Shielding and In-App Protection

This presentation describes the differences between application shielding or hardening technologies and in-app protection. Application shielding is a set of technologies that modify and obfuscate an application’s binary code. App shielding makes an application more tamper-resistant, protecting against intellectual property theft, piracy, and vulnerability discovery by reverse engineering, and unauthorized access. It creates a more resilient …

500 iPhones Cops Tried to Unlock

This data visualization is constructed with Google Data Studio using a dataset from Vice. Clink this link to view the interactive chart. Link to interactive chart Source: We Built a Database of Over 500 iPhones Cops Have Tried to Unlock

Best DevOps Conferences for 2020

DevOps is a set of practices combining software development and information technology operations aiming to continuously deliver higher quality software in a shorter amount of time. It sounds easy. Your ability to do a better job in less time depends on how big or small your organization is and how many variables and constraints you …

Top 5 Ways Hackers Attack Your Mobile Apps

This presentation describes the top five ways hackers attack mobile apps looking for secrets. It describes particular attacks, the tools used in the attacks, what specific information the bad actor hopes to obtain, and cites real-world examples of each of the attack methods. The presentation is a collection of dozens of stories and was constructed …