I’ve built and created hundreds of sales and marketing presentations to tell stories.

The Future of Intelligent Automation

Digital transformation is building or optimizing business models using modern digital technologies. Today, the speed at which your company transforms depends on your ability to change your systems and change your people. 

Intelligent Security Automation

The security experts at Krista advise on how to free up time for security analysts and make them more effective by extracting security research tool administration and automating compliance and audit documentation.

Where is Conversational AI Going?

Discover how chatbots and collaboration tools are merging to help create intelligent automation and integrate your people and systems. Understand how to get to a state where people and systems can quickly get things done no matter where they are connected.

Why DevOps Stops

Companies using DevOps automation are more agile. They meet business objectives more quickly and efficiently by deploying more frequent changes. But, DevOps frameworks still have too many manual steps. See how to automate DevOps processes instead of just DevOps functions.

Your Automation Approach is Unsustainable

Your current robotic process automation strategy fails you if you deploy more technology and complexity to users without removing it. See how conversational intelligent automation can reduce your support and maintenance burden.

How BlackRock Mobile Banking Malware Works

BlackRock is an advanced Android malware that steals login credentials or credit card data from 337 different mobile banking, shopping, lifestyle, and video apps. This presentation was delivered to a mobile development and security audience.

Security and Risk Findings Amongst Top US Mobile Banking Apps

This presentation displays privacy and security comparisons amongst top mobile banking apps across several global regions.

Top 5 Ways Hackers Attack Your Mobile App

This presentation is a collection of hacking methods and tools used by app reversers, hackers, and cybercriminals. This presentation was selected and presented at the Interop 2020 IT conference.

Scanning the Top 45 Android Mobile Banking Apps

This presentation compares security and privacy risks amongst the top 45 US mobile banking apps. The presentation was selected and presented at the Droidcon San Francisco conference.

Mobile Banking Apps Are Not Created Equal

This research details how both iOS and Android banking applications from the top 45 US banks and mobile payment providers fared for security and privacy risk.

App Shielding vs. In-app Protection

This presentation describes the differences between application shielding or hardening technologies and in-app protection.

Treat Your Mobile App Like You Treat Your Teenager

I had a teen learning how to drive and created an analogy of how teaching teen drivers to make good decisions is similar to your mobile apps in the wild. You can warn them both about the dangers but they are free to fail on their own.

Anatomy of a Mobile Attack on a Business User

This presentation describes a hacking attempt on my iPhone at DFW International Airport. The presentation ending up winning webinar presentation of the year on a security education site.