How to Create a Marketing Plan – Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey Digital MarketingDave Chaffey (@DaveChaffey) has specialized in sharing knowledge and providing actionable digital marketing advice on how to best apply digital media and technology for marketing through consulting, training and writing. Dave gave his first training course on Online Strategy for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 1997, and is the author of Digital Marketing Excellence which is now its 5th edition. He is currently Co-CEO and CMO of where he drives optimization in his own company and teaches others on how to create a marketing plan.

In this episode, Dave explains how he and Smart Insights are helping marketers and businesses get more from digital marketing. Dave talks about all of the different assets available to marketers on Smart Insights like capability graders, templates and guides and quick win courses to help marketers achieve better results. Dave also goes on to provide research results on the most popular items that digital marketers download and who they are.

Enjoy, and be sure and grab all of the digital assets mentioned in the episode.

Questions During Episode:

  1. What is Smart Insights and how are you teaching marketers today?
  2. You have created created a global business using Content Marketing “Building a global B2B audience with Content Marketing”. How did you do that?
  3. What services do you provide to your customers?
  4. What are the most popular content pieces on your site to create a marketing plan?
  5. What does your customer database break down?
  6. Who produces the content you provide to your users?
  7. How do you compete with the $1000 digital marketing learning course?
  8. Who or what do you copy?
  9. What is your favorite digital campaign over the last year?
  10. What do you do for fun?
  11. How do you like to be contacted?

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