Storytelling as a Business Competency – Billee Howard

billee-howardBillee Howard (@mashuptweet) is a storyteller. Billee’s experience at Weber Shandwick serving the worlds leading brands provided the insight to create her own storytelling brand, Brandthropologie. At Brandthropologie, Billee works with CMOs and business leaders on how to turn storytelling into business competency.

In this episode, Billee and I talk about how to enable and build resources to position story telling as a critical success factor. Successful companies are becoming entertainment studios and are performing better when telling customers who they are and what value they provide. As price points become similar amongst competitors in a segment the ones telling the better stories rise to the top. Some of the examples we talk about are how GE is transitioning its business, AirBnB using host content well and how Donald Trump’s recent election victory resulted from telling a better story to a more hungry audience.

Listen in to some great examples and be sure and grab a copy of Billee’s latest book, “We Commerce.”

Questions Asked During Episode

  • What do you do at Brandthropologie?
  • Who is responsible for creating the brand story?
  • What do you do if you don’t have a large distribution channel like DreamWorks?
  • Who tells the best story? Why?
  • What is a good example of a company using customer stories well?
  • Who is driving the content strategy at AirBnB?
  • What are the advantages of housing your own production studio?
  • What is “We Commerce” about?
  • Who are the collective “We?”
  • What do you think businesses could learn from the collective ”We?”
  • What type of stories are big companies like GE trying to tell?
  • What would you do with your time if you weren’t running Brandthropologie?

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