Realities of Agile Marketing – Roland Smart

roland-smart-agile-marketerRoland Smart ( @rsmartly ) is both a student and visionary of marketing practices, procedures and continuous improvement. Not being formally trained marketer, Roland is constantly learning and feeding his results back in a test driven development process. He performs his own research for his agile marketing podcast, has authored a book on the same subject and spends is daytime hours at Oracle as VP of Social and Community Marketing.

In this episode, Roland and I talk about Agile marketing and how traditional marketing planning has become extinct and given way to more nimble Agile methods. Innovation is fueling marketing resource turnover in Fortune 500 brands and concurrently surrendering market share by disrupters in just about every industry. Roland gives us some statistics on what he sees in his own research about organizations making a successful transformation to agile marketing and what steps you can take to begin the journey.

Questions During Episode

  • What do people think agile marketing is when you describe it to them?
  • What are some common areas you suggest marketing organizations look to improve?
  • Can you reference some examples of companies doing a great job of scaling agile?
  • What are some steps organizations can start with when embarking agile marketing?
  • Why did Oracle buy Compendium?
  • Has anyone come back to you with their bottom up success story?
  • Does anyone let fear drive them to agile?

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