How to Optimize Lead Acquisition – Shanik Patel

shanik-patelShanik Patel (@Grammarly) is the Head of Acquisition at Grammarly. Grammarly helps you write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you write on the web.

In this episode, Shanik talks about four years work of acquisition campaigns using channels like Search, Display, Facebook, Affiliate, YouTube, Sponsored Content, and TV. In each case, he had to do it with a strict focus on ROI and making data driven feedback loops to make the best decisions. Grammarly was a bootstrapped startup until recently so Shanik has seen ad spend grow from a few hundred thousand dollars per month to several million dollars per month, while maintaining the same level of profitability.

Questions During Episode

  • What is a head of Acquisition?
  • Why should people use Grammarly?
  • How do you see digital marketing or digital experiences evolving?
  • Where are you looking for competitive advantages in acquisition?
  • What type of data driven decisions are you making?
  • What reports or data points or KPIs do you monitor in order to optimize?
  • What was one of your most successful campaigns?
  • What made it effective and how did you measure that?
  • Did you take what you learned from the YouTube ads and feed that back in other campaigns?
  • What is something you did for a campaign, initiative or ecosystem that was a long shot but ended up working out?
  • What is your most proud accomplishment?
  • How has your knowledge of finance and trading helped you in marketing?
  • Do you have any specific tools for data decisions?
  • Who or what do you listen to or read to get inspiration?
  • What do people ask your advice on?
  • Is Grammarly Hiring?
  • What do you do in your free time?

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