Get More Insights From Your Marketing Data – Greg Myers

greg-myers-actio-insightsGreg Myers helps small to midsize companies get more information out of sales and marketing data. Greg is CEO of Actio Insights and brings his 25 years of experience in B2B marketing including experience in three Fortune 500 companies, Greg understands the challenges marketing teams face today – especially with creating truly data-driven actionable insights that drive business results.

In this episode Greg discusses how he and his company helps B2B CMOs uncover the value hidden within the data to make better business decisions and explains his CAMPER process.

Questions During Episode

  • What do you and Actio Insights do?
  • What type of advice to people contact you for?
  • What does the exercise look like to start defining a systematic marketing process?
  • At what point do marketing leaders seek help with data?
  • Do you have a process you follow when explaining how to do this?
  • What role do the technology marketing vendors play?
  • Have you identified a common problem with organizations you have worked with?
  • Are you advising organizations on staffing optimization?
  • What fields or backgrounds are CMOs coming from?
  • What do you read to stay on top of your game?
  • What do your friends call you for?
  • What would you do if you had no other responsibilities?

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