The Boldest BDR

After years of sneaking onto earnings calls, this BDR was called out by the Wall Street Journal and his colleagues turned on him. Read the amazing story of how he coaxed CEOs and CFOs into setting meetings so he could exceed KPIs.

Machine Learning Operations

This presentation describes how an intelligent automation platform can help create a user interface and integration connectors for machine learning models. I co-presented the presentation with Luther Birdzell. Agenda Why machine learning is seldom deployed to production How to democratize technology and lower skill requirements to operationalize machine learning How to build trust in machine …

The Future of Intelligent Automation

Digital transformation is building or optimizing business models using modern digital technologies. Today, the speed at which your company transforms depends on your ability to change your systems and change your people. CPU performance doubles every 24 months to enable ever-increasing computing power for automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, people’s capacity to change …

conversational ai

Where is Conversational AI Going?

Discover how chatbots and collaboration tools are merging to help create intelligent automation and integrate your people and systems. Understand how to get to a state where people and systems can quickly get things done no matter where they are connected.

Why DevOps Stops

Companies using DevOps automation are more agile. They meet business objectives more quickly and efficiently by deploying more frequent changes. But, DevOps frameworks still have too many manual steps. See how to automate DevOps processes instead of just DevOps functions.

BlackRock Malware

BlackRock Mobile Malware

BlackRock – an advanced Android malware derived from Xeres malware – evades detection and steals login credentials or credit card data from 337 different mobile banking, shopping, lifestyle, and video apps. BlackRock was disclosed in July 2020 by ThreatFabric. The Zimperium z9 engine had begun detecting early variants of BlackRock in the weeks prior to …