Why You Have an Automation Backlog

This visualization summarizes requirements from 800 job postings on LinkedIn. I wanted to make the point that low code application development tools actually require technical skills. Source: Why You Have an Automation Backlog, Krista.ai

Low Code Application Development Platforms Require Software Development Skills

A review of LinkedIn job postings for application developers found low code application platforms require just as many software development skills as custom application development. Why it matters: IT leaders seeking to democratize technology with low code citizen developer projects may not realize low code platforms still require application development skills. The big picture: Regardless of required …

500 iPhones Cops Tried to Unlock

This data visualization is constructed with Google Data Studio using a dataset from Vice. Clink this link to view the interactive chart. Link to interactive chart Source: We Built a Database of Over 500 iPhones Cops Have Tried to Unlock