Promotional Products Leave A Lasting Impression – Larry Cohen


Larry ( @Larry_Axis ) has been President and CEO of Axis since he founded it in 1991. A graduate of Duke University and The University of Pennsylvania Law School, Larry quickly realized that his entrepreneurial spirit and creative energies were not being harnessed working in law-related fields. With a few good ideas, a lot of enthusiasm and a share of naiveté, Larry began Axis with a mission to help the best brands in the world tell stories. Stories that solve problems. Stories that change behaviors. Stories that are told on tangible products that leave a lasting impression.

From humble beginnings around his kitchen table to developing a full-service promotional products company, Axis has grown to over 70 employees with offices in New York City, Rye Brook, New York, Boston, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois. AXIS’ client base covers an exceptionally broad cross-section of industries (Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, Financial, Beauty and Fashion, Publishing and Sports) including companies such as American Express (under contract nationally). Over the last five years, Axis has gone on to win a Top 40 Distributor award from Counselor Magazine and Promo Marketing Magazine, SAAGNY’s 2015 Distributor of the Year award, and ranks highly on PPB’s Greatest Companies to Work For annually. Axis Promotions is currently one of the top promotional merchandising agencies in the United States.

When Larry is not busy growing Axis, he is lending his expertise serving on the board of the Promotional Products Association International, PromoKitchen Advisory Board, Peernet Marketing Committee, and former chair of the North American Leadership Conference.

Listen in and hear how Larry and the Branding Executives at Axis provide advice on selecting and using the best promotional products for your business.

Questions During Episode

  • What does Axis Promotions do?
  • How did you get started?
  • What did some of your earliest customers use for promotional items?
  • How are you combating some of the digital items like gift cards?
  • What are examples of giveaways that worked well?
  • What are some giveaways that did not work?
  • What are your thoughts on personalization?
  • How do people contact you?
  • What would you want to do in your free time?

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