Hyper Personalization – Brett St. Clair

hyper personalization marketing
Brett St.Clair ( @brett_stclair ) is an energetic, empathetic, humorous and passionate speaker interpreting the technical world into entertaining and actionable layman’s terms. Brett’s expertise is specifically focused on building businesses and helping small and large companies through their digital transformation journey to Exponential Growth.

In this episode, Brett talks about how hyper personalization can help attract the right customers and win them over for life. Brett speaks of his work at Barclays and how difficult it was to transform 25,000 user journeys into the marketing systems to enable hyper personalization marketing.

Questions During Episode

  1.  What does Siatik do?
  2. Describe what technology stacks you redesigned at Barclays?
  3. How does the CMO at Barclays Bank prioritize a customer problem?
  4. How do marketers solver for hyper personalization?
  5. How is Emirates using personalization?
  6. How difficult would it be to transform a website to be hyper personalized?
  7. If you didn’t have any responsibilities at home or work next week what would you do with your time
  8. Closing thoughts?

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