How to Relaunch a Global Brand – Josh London

Josh-London-IDG-CMO-sqJosh London (@joshdlondon) is the first ever CMO for IDG. IDG is the worlds largest media and technology service company with hundreds of properties in 147 countries. It’s mission is to enable a global audience make the smartest technology purchase decisions through it’s various web properties like Computerworld, InfoWorld, CIO, and CSO.

In this episode, Josh talks about why he was brought on board and how IDG realigned itself into central functions from silos in order become more efficient and to create economies of scale. Josh describes some of the exercises IDG performed for the relaunch like custom research, customer outreach and internal communication. He then provides some details of how he converged the marketing stack and how his organization measures success.

Josh concludes the interview talking about his own CMO interview series, IDG CMO Perspectives. Josh talks to CMOs on how they are driving growth for their companies and has found after talking with them that many companies have the same issues but in their own distinct markets. Enjoy…..

Questions During Episode

  • What is IDG and what does IDG do?
  • How has IDG’s go to market strategy changed over the years?
  • What did you see as a realignment opportunity when you came in as CMO?
  • How many times in your brand research did you hear individual employees named?
  • What the most successful part of the relaunch?
  • How did you measure the brand relaunch?
  • Are you changing anything in marketing at IDG right now?
  • How many people work in marketing at IDG?
  • What is the sales organization’s opinion of the rebranding effort?
  • Do you perform direct outreach to the CMOs in the video series?
  • What do you talk to your CMO customers about?
  • How do you contact the other CMOs you want to talk with?
  • What do you do with your free time?

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