How to Execute a Marketing Strategy – Josh Goldberg

josh-goldberg-marketing-strategyStrategy has typically been a service far removed from the teams responsible for execution — something we see on both the client and agency side. The result: executing teams don’t have clear guidelines for what they are solving and products don’t deliver the expected results. As marketers use more Agile methods, the strategist has new opportunities to guide and keep pace with the delivery teams.

In this episode, Josh Goldberg (@HelloAnalogous) and I discuss tools for integrating strategy into the design process and provide usable recommendations to help strategists contribute to design. Josh describes a process for accelerating strategy and getting products and experiences into the market faster.

Questions During Interview

  • What do people think strategy is?
  • How has digital strategy evolved over the last 20 years?
  • What makes a good strategist and how can you spot one?
  • Can you explain your just in time strategy model?

How to Execute a Marketing Strategy

  1. Understand what is the product is
  2. Define the problem you are trying to solve
  3. Define the ideal customer and their needs
  4. Understand what the brand traits and values are
  5. Perform an exhaustive content audit and assess what content exists
  6. Understand capabilities and capacities for throughput
  7. Create backend that is easy to maintain

Contact Josh

About Josh

Josh Goldberg has 20+ years experience setting business and marketing strategy, translating vision into digital products and services and coaching businesses through the transformation. He has built strategy, client service and project management teams for pioneering digital agencies such as Organic and Schematic and now at Analogous. His first digital job was writing jokes for Scott Adams for the Dilbert Zone (a top-50 site in the 1.0 days)

He started his career in production in MTV’s international group, when the channel used to play videos.

About Analogous

Analogous’ digital products and services bring ideas that matter to life. For the past 20 years we have been doing this for startups and established businesses in US and Latin America. Among them: Inter-American Development Bank (global economic development), PunkinFutz (disability), National Immigration Forum (immigration reform), Maimonides Hospital (primary care), Urban Green Council (sustainability in the built environment). And of course we serve for-profit entities in finance, health, among others.