How to Create Personalized Videos at Scale – Eric Porres

The average consumer attention span continues to dwindle down to seconds. Eight seconds to be exact. So how are brands and marketers expected to truly connect and grab a customer’s attention?

Competition to gain and retain customers is fierce and the simple tactic of merging {First Name} and {last product viewed} into an email or a web page isn’t cutting it anymore, we have to get personal.

In this episode, newly appointed CMO of SundaySky, Eric Porres joins talks with me about constructing hyper-personalized videos using customer or data from pulling in data from the Facebook API.

Questions During Podcast

  • I watched some of the videos on your site. How do you do that?
  • Does the service read the Facebook API?
  • How fast can I target users on Facebook based on activity that day?
  • Can your service read my Facebook location data?
  • How many pieces are in a modular video?
  • How have your customers improved their second campaign?
  • What brought you to SundaySky?
  • What do you think is the most personalized web experience?
  • What do you think about a highly complex video platform solving for complexity?
  • Can I make a sales video with your platform instead of an on-boarding video?
  • If you didn’t have any responsibilities at home or work, what would you do with your time?
  • How do you prefer people contact you with questions?
  • Closing thoughts?

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