When to Protect Your Intellectual Property – Vincent LoTempio

Vincent LoTempio ( @LoTempio ) is a Registered Patent Attorney. His practice focuses on intellectual property matters including patent, trademark, copyright prosecution and infringement litigation. Prior to his current practice, Vin practiced intellectual property law as a sole practitioner, was a Felony Trial Attorney with the Erie County District Attorney’s office and co-author of “Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers”

In this episode, Vincent talks to me about the difference between a patent, trademark and a copyright. He explains the process and costs associated with each and when inventors and marketers should seek protection. Vincent then talks to me about what inspires him and how he overcame losing his right hand in an accident when he was 12 years old.

5 Levels of Trademark Distinctiveness

  1. Generic
  2. Descriptive
  3. Suggestive
  4. Arbitrary
  5. Fanciful

Questions During Podcast

  • What is the difference between patent and trademark and copyright?
  • What is the America Invents Act?
  • When do marketers and entrepreneurs need seek legal protection?
  • How are marketers and entrepreneurs being taken advantage of?
  • How do you see digital marketing or digital experiences evolving?
  • What is your most proud accomplishment?
  • Describe a time when a project you were overseeing did not go well?
  • What did you learn from that and how do you avoid that from happening again?
  • Who or what do you listen to or read to get inspiration?
  • What do people ask your advice on other than law?
  • If you didn’t have any responsibilities at home or work next week, what would you do with your time?

Links and Mentions

  • Coca Cola
  • 7up
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • National Gazette
  • Coppertone
  • Apple
  • Million Dollar Genius
  • Selfie Stick
  • Wayne Fromm

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