Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication – Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel (@siegelvision) is the CEO and Founder at Siegelvision and Chairman Emeritus at Siegel + Gale. Alan has spent much of his life working on over 300 campaigns simplifying for the sake of clarity. His accomplishments include creating new credit documents for Citibank, simplifying the 1040EZ form and creating the current NBA logo.

In this episode, Alan describes how brands need to embrace simplicity on new media formats and channels to engage their audiences. He elaborates on why transforming to these new digital media channels from traditional marketing is a company’s biggest challenge and will continue to cause high turnover among top marketers. Alan then explains why marketing directors need to grab the customer journey and be the glue that binds the customer experience to create consistency across all platforms.

Marketing directors have to be the glue of the customer experience and get rid of the complexity.

Alan provides impressive statistics emerging from his work at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. John Jay years ago transformed itself from a “cop college,” to an institution of higher learning to become a fierce advocate of justice and remains one of the top colleges in the country. Alan then finishes the conversation talking about his design of the NBA logo, his work at the American Theater Wing and the Tony Awards.

Questions During Podcast

  • What are you working on today and the rest of the year?
  • What goals do the educational and medical organizations you are working with work to achieve.
  • When do these organizations realize they need help?
  • Would your work at John Jay College translate into other educational institutions?
  • How would you measure the impact of the branding exercise?
  • How long did it take for all of these changes?
  • What is the common denominator in successful branding programs?
  • What happens with the brand when the chief advocate leaves the company?
  • What do you consider the biggest challenge for CMOs today?
  • How do you see digital marketing or digital experiences evolving?
  • Do you have a favorite campaign that you worked on?
  • Is there a campaign that you wished had turned out differently?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • Are you still a Tony Award voter?

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