Reverse Engineering Red Bull Marketing – Rebecca Shine

rebecca-shineIt all started back in London. For the best part of ten years Rebecca Shine was immersed in what was to become one of the strongest lifestyle brands and products of our time; Red Bull. Her time with this hedonistic energy drink, synonymous with extreme sports and late night escapades, was a thrilling rollercoaster ride with a highly charged team; fully fueled with fun, boundless creativity, and a passion to make stuff happen, fast.

In this episode I talk with Rebecca how Red Bull marketing teams learned to control the brand elements and maintain a consistent message. Her lessons learned there formulated a brand process and checklist she takes her clients through when building brands. She has great advice on how maintain consistency when brands lack the type of control they used to have.

Questions During Episode

  • You spent many years at Red Bull. Everyone has heard of Red Bull event if they never had one. What was it like there as it ramped up?
  • You obviously learned a great deal there and can help others do the same. Did you walk away with a checklist or plan that is easily implemented?
  • Every business owner can answer these questions. Why isn’t there more of this control with businesses and brands?
  • If you were at dinner with 4 brand owners what would you tell them to do?
  • Where do you go or what do you read to inspire you?
  • What do you do for fun and how to you make time to do that?

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