Podcast ROI – Tom Schwab

tom-schwab-podcast-roiTom Schwab (@TMSchwab) is the Chief Evangelist at Interview Valet where he helps authors and influencers speak on established podcasts. Tom and his team found The Scott King Show and have suggested several marketing practitioners and CMOs that I’ll have on in the future. Tom was gracious enough to come on this show and talk about the podcasting ecosystem and how marketers are using this tactic in their content marketing mix.

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In this episode, Tom talks about podcast ROI, why podcasts are so effective and provides some examples of how marketers are using podcasts to increase conversion rates for leads and new business. He provides statistics on how many people are listening to podcasts, the benefits of podcasts and some of the pitfalls show hosts suffer from.

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If you are considering starting a podcast, this is a must listen. Tom gives us several pros and cons for starting a podcast and talks about how being a guest on established shows like this one can significantly increase your exposure with minimal effort.

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Questions During Episode

  • What does Interview Valet do?
  • How do people find you?
  • Where is podcasting heading?
  • What is the feedback your customers have given you?
  • Is everyone going to do a podcast?
  • If I am an inbound marketer and want get leads, should I start a podcast?

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