The Perils of PowerPoint – Julia Kline

Perils of PowerPoint

Julia Kline (@Julia_Kline) is a speaker, author, trainer and sales coach, with sales accomplishments in a number of industries. Julia brings years of sales experience selling face to face and has some outstanding tips on preparedness, sales tools and best uses of PowerPoint.

During the episode, Julia and I talk about some of the sales skills we all need to revisit to make sure are keeping our minds sharp and not drown in the perils of PowerPoint. Julia describes some of the pushy tactics of sales folklore and how listening is actually a skill so you can properly help your customer. She gives advice for sales training and why to invest in your salesforce to build trust with prospects so they turn into buyers.

Listen in to what sets Julia apart as she discusses training, honesty, authenticity and pushy sales people. Bonus if you can count how many times her cat, Smokey, talks during the interview.

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