The $175M Facebook Ad – Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman Hardcorecloser.comRyan Stewman (@ryanstewman) has been up and down and up and down and is now riding high providing social media management and lead generation services for sales people. Ryan has overcome objections and more heartache than most people can imagine only to come out on top by working hard and showing up every day.

In this episode, Ryan discusses the last few years of Facebook advertising evolution. Years ago Facebook was a vast opportunity where few played, but now the appeal and corporate budgets are forcing ad prices to increase as supply decreases. Ryan explains how he is helping his customers by purchasing ads on the fringes of competitors and not directly competing and driving prices up. He provides tips on how to get super targeted and to find very targeted niches to get ads placed in front of buyers. One of his students, Scott Eames, took the advice to heart and ended up helping a friend sell a $175M jet airplane from a Facebook ad.

Listen in and hold on because Ryan’s energy is contagious.

Questions During Episode

  • How are you helping business with Facebook advertising?
  • What have you noticed with conversion rates as Facebook ad costs have increased?
  • How have you used Twitter ads?
  • What have you noticed the last two months on YouTube?
  • What are you doing with your white board videos?
  • When you help people use Facebook ads, what are they selling?
  • Are salespeople going rogue with their own Facebook ads?
  • What are salespeople doing for themselves on Facebook?

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