Moneyballing Brand Economics – Edgar Baum

Edgar Baum ( @EdgarBaum ) is the Chief Brand Economist at Strata Insights. In this episode, Edgar describes a contemporary brand measurement approach to measure effectiveness and describes a case study how a tech company outmaneuvered the competition. If you are familiar with Moneyball, you will understand brand economics. Just as Billy Bean used a different dataset to formulate different outcomes, Edgar advises us on how to measure our brands in the internet era.


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Questions During Podcast

  1. How has branding evolved over the internet era?
  2. What is a good current branding example?
  3. What is brand economics?
  4. What branding metrics are you referring to in brand economics?
  5. What size of companies need branding economics?
  6. How do you measure brand interactions?
  7. Where do you get the data on category importance?
  8. What influences customers?
  9. Does the board or CEO need to influence these large company resource allocations?

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