Marketing Personalization Doesn’t Work

Marketers want to provide the most personalized experience to customers and prospects to increase conversions and revenue. If you make prospects feel like you really know them, then they will trust you and purchase products and services from you. There are hundreds of marketing automation and targeting systems to help you target very specific and tiny user niches for personalization.

Marketing Personalization Doesn’t Work

Marketers find it very difficult to target customers effectively. For instance, my personal Ticketmaster story.

On Tuesday, I reset my Ticketmaster password to something I could remember for a day. I planned on buying Tame Impala tickets for my son’s birthday and wanted to remove any constraints for participating in the presale. On Wednesday, I logged in and purchased two tickets from Ticketmaster to Tame Impala. Ticketmaster charged my credit card and placed the tickets into my account. On Thursday, Ticketmaster sent me an offer to participate in a presale for the same Tame Impala performance in Dallas.

Know Thy Customer

I frequently purchase from Ticketmaster. However, I feel they don’t know me as its customer. I don’t want to buy more tickets using a different presale code for a performance I already plan on attending. Maybe if they acknowledged I already have tickets, it would have made sense. I am sure there is an explanation for this behavior. I possibly could be on two customer lists. If I am, they should still cull those customers that already have tickets to the concert.

Pay attention to who is on your email list and how all of your cookies, pixels, trackers, followers, and web visitors interact with you. If you think it is too complicated, then start to simplify your systems and modify your copy to match your methods.