Make B2B Marketing More Human – Bhavesh Vaghela

Bhavesh Vaghela CMO PaywizardBhavesh Vaghela (@vaghela_b) is CMO at Paywizard where he is helping transform the business model in to a global SaaS software business. Paywizard offers subscription, billing and CRM solutions for pay TV operators today but it previously served as a an outsourced call centre for UK pay TV operators like Sky, ITV and eir Sports.

In this episode Bhavesh talks about how Paywizard shifted its message from a primarily B2B business into a B2B2C business while reducing headcount from 3000 to 200 to support the new model. He explains what happened to the company culture after the reduction and how they are transforming into a SaaS company. Bhavesh offers statistics on the different regions Paywizard markets to and how they adjust when making data driven decisions.

Bhavesh concludes the conversation by offering great actionable advice:

  1. Use emotion in your B2B marketing similar to B2C marketing
  2. Humanize your brand
  3. Take risks, try new things and evolve
  4. Be more sophisticated

Questions asked during episode

  • What do you do and what does Paywizard do?
  • Does Paywizard have a global audience?
  • Since you have been at Paywizard, what has changed?
  • What happened with top line and bottom lines when the company reduced in size?
  • How did Paywizard shift to a SaaS company?
  • What happened with the culture as you reduced the headcount?
  • What are you doing differently now that you are more consumer oriented?
  • What are differences you have seen when marketing in US, EMEA and Asia?
  • Do you know why you have big cancelation patterns in US and Singapore?
  • Do you have an example of a US-based software company doing a great job marketing in EMEA?
  • If you were going to offer some actionable advice to CMOs and aspiring marketers what would you advise them to do?
  • If you could do anything with your time what would you do?
  • Any closing thoughts?

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