Is SEO Dead? – Paul Kortman

Paul KortmanPaul Kortman (@namtrok) has taken his SEO talents on the road and has become a digital nomad. If you follow digital marketing, you understand the digital nomad lifestyle. If not, well, it essentially means your job or work depends on an internet connection and some keen skills and not constrained by a geographic location or an office.

In this episode, Paul joins me from Mexico and provides an overview of how SEO has evolved over the past decade and what small business owners can do themselves to optimize their digital real estate. He describes and details steps for advanced SEO methods and a strategy to get backlinks and referring domains called “Skyscraper.”

Paul’s advice during the episode includes:

  • Divide your SEO into 3 buckets
  • Focus 45% of your time on writing content for your search terms
  • Spend 45% of your time on backlinks
  • Spend the remaining 10% on code and technical SEO (tags, on page, code)
  • How to get backlinks using Skyscraper
  • How to stay under Google’s RADAR when creating backlinks
  • Consider SEO is a long term investment

Questions During Episode

  • How has SEO evolved and what still works?
  • Is SEO Dead?
  • What is Skyscraper?
  • Is there a checklist you use to judge whether or not an article is good for skyscraper?
  • What can a small business owner do for SEO?
  • How do companies not quit SEO since it is such a long game?
  • Is there a magic number of how many backlinks you should create in a certain time
  • What do people that have small blogs do to optimize?

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