How To Run a Webinar

I have run a lot of webinars over the years.  Most of the time I am trying to plan for one every three or four weeks.  It is difficult to keep track of all of the items that must happen to make it successful and to make sure everything is measurable after the event.

To keep track of all of the items amongst the entire team I have a nifty checklist that I would like to share.  It is a Google Doc (which I love).  You can click here to see the doc and make your own copy.

  • Define Project Name
  • Set Webinar Date
  • Define Format and Targets
  • Manage the Steps Below
  1. Define objectives
  2. Create Abstract
  3. Receive Approval
  4. Meeting invite to speakers
  5. Set up Webex
  6. Set up webinar landing page
  7. Write auto responses
  8. Finalize joint brochure/collateral
  9. Publish joint materials
  10. Build Joint Invite List
  11. eMail Dates
  12. Partner Mail Dates
  13. Advertising Venues
  14. Create Tracking Campaign
  15. Set Up Promotion Code
  16. Send invite to Joint prospect list
  17. Send invitation to Client Partners
  18. Review Draft Presentation
  19. Dry Run
  20. Final Presentation Due
  21. Event Date
  22. Landing Page/Signup Page
  23. Follow up
  24. Status Report

This isn’t a complete list and I am sure there are more ideas out there. If you have an idea or a sugestion, please email me and I’ll update the docs or place a comment or link below.