How to Generate Leads with Webinars

Webinars are a great way to generate new leads and get new emails on your subscriber list.  I do a webinar about every month or two on various subjects.  Webinars are a great way to drive people to my messaging in order to nurture interest or to push prospects into the next stage of the sales cycle but today I want to show you how you get new leads via your own subscriber list. There are many good reasons to do big webinars but the focus today is how they add new subscribers to your list when only using your list for marketing.

The chart below is an existing email list that I used for inviting people to a webinar. Once I had the landing page set and auto-responses all ready to go I sent out an invitation. You will see that very few people registered for the webinar before I sent out the invitation. I stated earlier that I wasn’t advertising for this so I didn’t expect people to see the landing page before the invitation.

Once I sent out the invitation people started registering and referring to their peers.  On the first day over one third of the registrants were new (34%) and it only went up from there.

As time passed, I got an increasingly higher percentage of new registrants as opposed to existing people on the list as people started passing this around.

Here are the rates per day:

  • Day 1 – 34% of the total were new
  • Day 2 – 56% of the total were new
  • Day 3 – 48% of the total were new
  • Day 4 – 88% of the total were new
  • Day 5 – 48% of the total were new
  • Day 6 – 66% of the total were new
  • On webinar day I got 37 registrants and 29 (78%) of these were brand new
  • Note that very few people view the webinar archive or recording

Here is an interactive chart of the data that you can play with…