How to Find Your Next Great Idea – Dave Birss

Dave Birss spent the majority of his career in the world of advertising, both as a copywriter and an art director. He ended up leading the creative departments of some of London’s biggest and best agencies. This experience led to him writing more, philanthropy and video production.

Dave’s latest book, “How To Get To Great Ideas“, proposes a new theory of creativity. It explores what makes some individuals more creatively productive and shows how businesses can encourage creative thinking in the workplace.

In this episode, Dave talks to me about how to find great ideas and why most people look in the wrong places.

Enjoy, and be sure to download a copy of Dave’s prerelease book “Out of My Mind.”

Questions During the Podcast

  1. You dedicated your book to everyone that has felt like an outsider, what is that about?
  2. Why do employees continuously conform?
  3. How far outside of the norm do people need to look for new ideas?
  4. What are great ideas?
  5. Is there such a thing as a new idea or just reuse of an old one?
  6. I liked the part of the book about Heimo Hammer and how he asks for inspiration through everyday observations. He is crowdsourcing great ideas. Why don’t other companies do this instead of suck the life out of employees and force them in to open office spaces?
  7. Garbage in Garbage out is an analogy for so many things. How does this relate to ideas?
  8. How can employees broaden their view and potential inputs?
  9. Who or what do you listen to or read to get your great ideas?
  10. If you didn’t have any responsibilities at home or work next week what would you do with your time?

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