How to Classify Your Demand Generation Efforts

You will spend a lot of money trying to get people on your site.  Getting them there is hard and getting them to convert of fill out your web form is even harder.  If they do, you are best to tag and classify all of the email addresses so when budget time comes around you can justify the results and reinvest in the channel or method with the best rates.

There are many ways to do this and I am not claiming to have the best process.  What I only wish to explain to you is how I did it with the resources that I had available.

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  1. Enterprise Edition
  2. Manticore Technology

Here is how it works…

  1. User fills out web form on site or list imported
    1. Manticore imports Lead into and checks for duplicates
    2. Lead is tagged in specific campaign (segmenting)
    3. User Browser is cookied to detect returns
    4. Web visit data is recorded for lead
    5. Lead record owner is notified by email
    6. User receives auto response (any registration gets a response)
    7. Manticore verifies email addresses and removes bounces
  2. Leads are segmented by time and Campaign
    1. View recency or any time bucket
    2. Inserted into campaigns
    3. Campaign Types:
      1. [Source] … – where did we spend money to get the lead?
      2. [Offer] … – what content piece are they associated with?
    4. Creates link between objects in
    5. Allows for targeting and nurturing leads on a mass scale
  3. Leads are qualified in/out
    1. Budget
    2. Need
    3. Timeline
  4. If qualified person/company proceeds in sales cycle
  5. If no, person/company is designated in and they continue to get offers based on campaign interest areas
  6. If they become a customer, company is designated in customer data for further industry marketing
  7. If no, person/company is designated in and they continue to get offers based on campaign interest areas
  8. If uber customer they receive invitation to customer advisory and leadership position to help guide company and product direction
  9. All leads are deposited into more campaigns for nurturing and newsletters

Reports and Measures

  • Lead to Demo – Are we effective in converting new leads to talk with sales
  • Demo to Qualified – How effective are the demos
  • Qualified to POC/Eval – Are we profiling correctly
  • POC to Close – Are we running Evaluations correctly
  • Closed to Revenue – Measures Average Selling Price
  • Lead to Revenue – Measures Marketing Campaign ROI