How to Become a Modern CMO – Miko Matsumura

miko-matsumuraI am pleased to welcome Miko Matsumura (@mikojava), CMO of Gradle, as my latest podcast guest. I really enjoyed talking with Miko and absorbing his energy. In this episode Miko outlines what it takes to become a modern CMO. He gives five great points on what you should do in order to grab one of these high-profile positions. Listen in and enjoy!

How to Become a Growth Oriented CMO

  1. Find a Growth Oriented Company
  2. Align to the Board Expectations
  3. Build Your Engine
  4. Make it Rain
  5. Get to Know Your Headhunters

During the episode Miko provides great detail on how to master the five things you should accomplish to land a CMO position. First you need to find a growth oriented company. Use your network or follow series A and B round investments on Crunchbase. After landing your position, align yourself with the board of directors and measure and grow the business according to the burn rate and sales schedule. Once you have the burn and sales rate monitored, its time to enable the automation machine and build your marketing engine. After you build the engine, align with the sales organization and create a happy internal customer. Get all of this dialed in, document your success and then build relationships with headhunters looking for CMOs.

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