Following Your Passion – Melanie Ofenloch

melanie ofenloch tnailMelanie Ofenloch ( @DallasWineChick ) was a successful marketing executive at one of the largest marketing firms and saw social media as a new frontier. She wanted to learn what it could do for her clients so she jumped on Twitter. Tweeting for a couple of months, Melanie found her only followers were people working for her. She wanted more interactions than of those that already knew her.

After her first attempt fell short of expectations, Melanie started tweeting about wine. Her following grew as a result and after 1600 followers, she started her Dallas Wine Chick blog. Creating Dallas Wine Chick fulfilled a personal need and a passion for wine. The blog took off and has recently been named one of the top 100 wine blogs. Dallas Wine Chick is now a sought after influencer in the wine world and takes Melanie all over the world to taste and write about wine.

Listen in to my conversation with Melanie and take her advice on following your passion!

Questions During Episode

  1. You were a successful marketing executive then you started a blog about wine. Why wine?
  2. Why did you start the blog? What did you think you were missing at work?
  3. What finally pushed you to start? Was there a certain event or person that pushed you?
  4. Who do you ask about wine?
  5. What is the best wine you ever had?
  6. Any overrated ones that come to mind?
  7. How did you pick the name Dallas Wine Chick? Women don’t like being called chicks, or do they?
  8. When people contact you about wine what do they ask?
  9. When people contact you about marketing or PR what do they need?
  10. What is your advice to others that have an itch but don’t know where to start?
  11. What did people say when you started it?
  12. How do you market the blog?
  13. Do you do all of the marketing yourself?
  14. What did you have to learn?
  15. What would you do differently?
  16. How would you advise others if they have an interest and want to start publicizing?
  17. How do people contact you? What is your twitter and website?
  18. If you weren’t working what would you do with your time?

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