Creating a Customer Centric Culture – Chris Walker

chris-walker-retaliate1stChris Walker (@WeRetaliate1st) owns and operates a growth marketing agency built by accident. Earning his scars in the music industry, Chris found that the most successful talent was assigned to work on the late year launches for the holiday season. He felt the late game heroes weren’t being utilized effectively in the earlier parts of the year and sought to solve the great marketing talent supply and demand problem.

Since launching his agency, Retailiate1st, Chris has been helping customers acquire customers at low costs by executing effectively according to plan even after getting punched in the face. In this episode, Chris and I talk about how to back into your customer acquisition metrics by looking at your desired growth and run rates. Chris provides some advice for marketers and business owners on steps to take when launching a product, performing competitive research and profiling your ideal customer.

Questions During Episode

  • Why do you think it is difficult to acquire talent?
  • Do you set expectations on acquisition timing?
  • I need marketing help, how do you help me?
  • Where did they get their customer acquisition cost numbers?
  • Why the pet product niche?
  • What are some of the first things that you look at when ramping up a new customer?
  • Do you have a go to plan or channel?
  • What are you doing with video?

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