Have a Consistent Message – Andy Shane

Andy-shaneAndy Shane (@andyeshane) has more than 25 years of PR experience in both agency and corporate settings. He is an expert in media relations, corporate communications, spokesperson training, crisis management, reputation management, social media, and client communications. Andy currently serves as chief strategist of The Power Group, where he develops engaging stories and mentors a team in all facets of public relations and account management.

In this episode Andy and I talk about how to develop engaging stories, create a consistent message and find the right outlet for your client and your audience. Andy describes when you should have a formal crisis management plan and discloses the worst crisis in his professional career; murder. Later, Andy gives us tips on how to manage citizen journalists, fake news and your core media outlets to leverage their vehicles and voice.

I’ve known Andy for years and I enjoyed documenting his professional opinions. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did.

Questions During Episode

  • How has developing engaging stories changed over the past 20 years?
  • Are there instances in the past that caused issues today?
  • What companies are doing a great job telling stories?
  • What are the biggest stories you have been involved in?
  • What is the worst crisis you have ever faced?
  • How much time should you focus on internal vs external crisis management?
  • What is happening with fake news?
  • What is the best to engage the real journalists?

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