Connecting with Empathy and Authenticity – Lou Diamond

lou-diamondLou Diamond (@ThriveLouD) is the CEO Thrive and is a master connector and coach. At Thrive, Lou works with the most amazing people and makes them more amazing. By extracting value from all of your pent up potential, Lou strengthens your connecting power in order to create better relationships.

In this episode, Lou takes you through four key principles that formulate his book, Master the Art of Connecting. His four principles that he calls the “Connecting Core” are:

  1. The Power of Empathy – Embrace the power of Empathy, immerse ourselves into our target’s world, and focus on understanding and addressing their needs.
  2. Have a Fearless Mindset – Step through the fears that hold you back; cross into courage by spinning those fears on their heads, thereby attaining the Fearless Mindset.
  3. Have Authenticity – Be authentic by being open, honest and coming from the heart with everything you do.
  4. Living and breathing your Super Why – Unleash the power of your Super Why to draw targets and others to your world.

Questions During Episode

  • What problem do you solve for companies and people?
  • If it so easy to connect with people why is it so difficult to truly connect?
  • How do you define a true personal connection?
  • How many true connections do you have in your notebook?
  • What are some of the actionable principles in your book?
  • What size companies do you work with and why are you referred to new connections?
  • If you were at dinner with three of your target prospects, what would you tell them to do?
  • How do people contact you?
  • If you could do anything with your time, what would you do?

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