Building Trust – Jason Treu

Jason Treu is an executive coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs and rising stars to maximize leadership potential and performance. He also helps us build and execute our career blueprint.

He’s the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships and creator of the team building game – Cards Against Mundanity.

In this episode, Jason talks about psychological safety, vulnerability, building trust and investing in yourself.

Questions During Podcast

  • Who calls an executive coach and why?
  • What does the top 1% do that others don’t?
  • Why do you think some teams lack 100% participation?
  • Why is psychological safety important?
  • How long does it take to transform the mindset of a low performing team?
  • Who or what do you listen to or read to get inspiration?
  • What do people ask your advice on other than sales coaching?
  • If you didn’t have any responsibilities at home or work next week what would you do with your time?
  • If someone had a question for you Jason what is your favorite way to be contacted?
  • Closing thoughts?

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