The Blockchain – Miko Matsumura and Jason English

Miko Matsumura ( @mikojava ) and Jason English ( @bluefug ) are expert enterprise software marketers that both recently moved into marketing and evangelizing the Blockchain. Miko founded crypto exchange Evercoin, and is a Limited Partner with the Pantera Capital ICO Fund. Jason is VP of Protocol Marketing at Sweetbridge. Sweetbridge sponsors the development of blockchain-based economic protocols and applications to transform high-friction global supply chains into Liquid Value Networks.

Together, Miko and Jason give me an education on the Blockchain, Bitcoin and where distributed ledgers lie in these marketplaces. They are working on fascinating problems and talk with me about how difficult it is marketing something understood by so few people.

Questions During Episode

  1. How did you get into the blockchain?
  2. If Blockchain will add 10X value to the internet, what will it look like after the change?
  3. What does decentralization look like in supply chain?
  4. Where can we see blockchain and bitcoin today?
  5. What will the world look like after blockchain?
  6. How does blockchain create more value in supply chains?
  7. What is your opinion on centralized banks’ view on Bitcoin?
  8. Where do your audiences go for information?

Links and Mentions

Contact Miko and Jason

Miko Matsumura – or @mikojava

Jason English – or @bluefug