Technical Storytelling – Andi Mann


Marketing teams go to great lengths to get messaging out to customers and prospects in order to sell products or services. There are numerous assets from the content marketing teams explaining features and benefits. There are hundreds of marketing automation and monitoring tools to measure effectiveness and speed delivery or listen to social chatter. All of these and many more tools are for reaching an increasingly unreachable prospect that is learning to ignore email, social media and numerous other electronic distractions.

How do you get through?

Enter, the art of professional storytelling.

In this episode I talk with Andi Mann. Andi and I know each other from our days at CA Technologies where were speaking, writing and promoting DevOps. Andi and I discuss his evangelist role and how this job functions to tell stories and broker value propositions from marketing to prospect. Andi describes his primary duties and provides a guide to obtain an advocacy or evangelist role.

Questions Asked During Interview

  • What exactly is a chief technical advocate?
  • How do you become a chief technical evangelist?
  • What is your favorite and most effective outbound tactic?
  • What is the biggest audience you have ever spoken to?
  • What is your favorite on-line tactic?
  • What do you do to refresh your skills and stay current?
  • What are some things people can do to become an evangelist?

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