Applying Virtual Reality – Jon Fullrich

vlg thumbnailJon Fullrich is the creative director at VLG Advertising. At VLG, Jon is creating virtual reality applications as sales and marketing tools for medical and hi-tech companies. In this episode Jon discusses how he got started in animation at Texas A&M and how this evolved into building augmented reality. He describes two applications, the production process and what customers say about using this method to sell more products and services.

Questions During Episode

  • How did you get into animation?
  • What were the current animated movies when you learned animation?
  • Where do you see virtual reality headed?
  • What are the early virtual reality applications?
  • What are the first successful examples?
  • What is the greatest benefit of the application?
  • Can you create virtual reality app of a football game at Kyle Field?
  • What is the construction procedure for a virtual reality app?
  • Do you have customers using this?
  • How do you see these applications evolving?
  • How long does it take to produce a virtual reality app?
  • What are the complications?
  • What are customers saying about virtual reality?
  • What are the remote applications for augmented reality?
  • How big are the virtual reality files?

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