10 Places You Should Be Using Video – George B. Thomas

In this episode, I talk with George B. Thomas. George is a recovering youth pastor, former pub bouncer and is currently an evangelist at Impulse Creative. He is a video marketing ninja and an inbound marketing Jedi with every HubSpot certification one can have. George and I talk about why you should be using video and where you should be using it. He mentions many tools, sites, services and experts to help you build your video toolbox so please take a look at the show notes for these and the 10 places you should be using video. I hope his infectious energy moves and inspires you to do more. Please welcome George B. Thomas.

5 Reasons you should be using video

  1. Simplify the complex
  2. To educate potential customers
  3. Be superhuman
  4. Disarm your potential customers
  5. Invoke emotional response

10 places you should be using video

  1. In prospecting early in your sales cycle
  2. Use video for personalized introductions
  3. Use videos in follow up emails vs. long copy
  4. Put videos on your landing pages
  5. Put another video on the thank you page after conversion
  6. Use video in your proposals
  7. Use video in your contracts to explain terms of services
  8. Use video in online meetings
  9. Use video in your chats or chatbots
  10. Place teaser videos on your blog posts

Questions During Podcast

  • Why should we be using videos?
  • Where should we be using videos?
  • What do you teach in your video workshops?
  • What do people ask your advice on other than video?
  • What do you read or watch for more information?
  • Closing thoughts?

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