Why People Dislike the Buying Process

I regret using my real phone #.

…the hell.

Tuesday I filled out a form on a lead generation landing page. The landing page is operated not by a specific product vendor but by an agency producing leads for others. Had I done a little more research, I would have realized this but alas, I didn’t.

When completing the lead form, I contemplated using a temporary email address and my Google Voice phone number. I regretfully entered my real information in the form…


Fifteen seconds later my phone rings. I answer it and amazingly find the call resulted from the form submittal. The call was not from the service nor from a vendor but another service solely to get me connected so he can transfer me to a salesperson. This has now become the opposite of social selling. I feel like a cow being led through the pens to the slaughterhouse.

The past 48 hours were completely distracting. I received over 30 phone calls, 15 voicemails, 14 emails, and 5 texts. I’ll eventually have to talk to everyone to opt out on phone and email and delete all of the voicemails.

This is why people dislike the buying process.

It’s time we realize the buyer is empowered with the same or more information sales and marketing people have. Be an advisor and help buyers at a pace they can tolerate. Otherwise, you will create an angry prospect and they will refuse to do business with you.

Happy selling.