Teaching Machine Learning

My 10-year old son, Charlie, taught himself machine learning this morning.

Charlie, like most kids, is very inquisitive.

He asks a lot of questions.

My response normally is “Ask Google” or “ Ask Alexa.”

I want him to learn how to use the tools to feed his curiosity rather than ask me all of the time.

Today, he wanted to know when a local event happens.

Charlie: “Alexa, when does the Dallas state fair begin?”

Me: “Ask her about the Texas State Fair.”

Charlie: “Alexa, when does the Texas State Fair begin?”

Alexa: “ The Texas State Fair begins September 28 and ends October 21. Did I answer your question correctly?”

Me: “Tell her yes.”

Charlie: “Yes.”

Me: “You just learned how machine learning works. You taught Alexa that she correctly answered your question. Now, when someone else asks, she knows that is the right answer. You taught her this since you are the first one to ask that question this year. That’s machine learning.”

Charlie: “Cool. When are we going to the fair?”