My Numbers From Oracle OpenWorld

jason_signing_openworldI just arrived home from a flurry of activity at Oracle OpenWorld.  This was my first trip out there but won’t be the last.  The purpose my trip was to launch a new book, “Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated.”

CA announced the book on Monday, gave away 3000 copies in the first 2 days, and CTO John Michelsen presented a breakout session titled “Enterprise Agile Requires a Virtual World: Reality is Overrated.”

We asked people to return on Tuesday to have both authors, John and Jason English, sign copies.  The CA Service Virtualization business unit was the sole sponsor of the Oracle OpenWorld “Tap and Brew” areas in both exhibit halls.  The Tap and Brew, while not heavily branded like a typical tradeshow booth, was an excellent choice to drive traffic and talk with thousands.  Other sponsors like HP and CSC called our area “genius” and said “…wish we would have done this.‘  One marketing resource working for Oracle said “you guys got the most for your money by far.”  We had games, a lounge area, TVs and free beverages.  We pitched Service Virtualization to thousands of people, briefed some press attendees, and found some LISA users bringing friends into our area.

Here is the trip by numbers:

Below is a pic of one of the books that was delivered to Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. I know he got it but don’t know if he read it.