College Move In Day

I love seeing all the stories about college move in day. Kids moving into their new dorm rooms and getting settled on their own for the first time. Some parents go to great lengths to make sure that their kids can get into their dorm rooms safely without any issues coddling them sometimes across town or across the country.

My friends love for me to tell them my college move in day story. I was moving to Lubbock to go to Texas Tech. I had never driven to Lubbock before the day I left. I went to Lubbock one time on a Southwest fight with my dad and one of his colleagues. They had a meeting up there and so I went them to register for classes. We rented a car at the airport and I drove them to the meeting and then I drove myself to the Texas Tech campus. I went to campus to enroll and register for classes and then went to go pick up my dad at his meeting. My entire Lubbock experience was 6 hours long.

Some months later when I was actually headed off to Lubbock on my own I packed everything that I wanted to take in my small 2 door hatchback. I had clothes. I had a PC clone with Windows 3.1 on it and maybe a stereo. Everything that I took with me fit inside the car with the exception of my mountain bike that was on the roof rack. I packed my car all by myself I got it already to go. I had already changed my oil, filled up all the fluids, gas and checked air in my tires.

When I was ready to go I announced I was about to depart. My parents and maybe a brother came outside to the driveway to wave goodbye. The conversation just prior to me leaving was as follows:

Dad – You got everything?

Me – I think so. Can’t fit much in the car but I have what I need.

Dad – OK. Do you know how to get there?

Me – Ya. It’s only a couple of turns. Drive to Abilene then Roscoe then Lubbock.

Dad – Do you have enough gas?

Me – Ya. I filled the tank yesterday.

Dad – Do you have any cash in case you need more gas or want to get something to eat?

Me – Ya. I have some.

Dad – OK. See ya later.

Me – OK. See ya.

I closed the car door and started the 360 mile journey to Lubbock as my family waved goodbye.

Mind you I had never driven there before. I checked a paper map on how to get there. I did not have a cell phone to call someone in case I needed help or refer to a digital map. I did not have a credit card and may have had a debit card with $200 in my account. I didn’t need any of that stuff! On my way up there I just drove. I didn’t update my status, text, call anyone or do anything but drive for 140 miles before my first turn.

I got to Lubbock about 6 hours after leaving and journeyed to find my dorm. I parked the car and started to unpack my car and moved myself in to my 10th floor dorm. After I finished I probably did not call anyone to let them know I got there.

Last weekend I saw my dad and told him that my buddies like to hear the story. I said when we meet someone or talk anything college they have me tell the story. They love it.

My dad says, “ya I tell the story, too, when my friends talk about kids or grandkids.” I tell them how ridiculous they are being with all of the excursions to college. I say, “I have 4 kids and I have never moved any of them ever. If they want to leave they’ll go.”

The story will live on but the behavior will not. I’d love for it to live on but my wife differs in opion when she says we will definitely help the kids get into their dorm room.