When Did Social Networking Begin?

Has anyone heard of social networking?  Social networking seems to be the hot topic lately but how long ago did it start?  According to Google searches it really only started at the late part of the 2005 or early part of 2006.  At least this is when people started searching for it.

The chart below shows all searches for “social networking” from 2004 until today.  This is the relative total and doesn’t really mean much by itself unless you compare it to something else.  So just remember that up until 2005 you did not have any friends because no one was searching for “social networking”.

Now let’s compare “social networking” with the master of this term “facebook”.  What you will notice is that searches for facebook begin relatively at the same time as social networking but now it dwarfs by comparison.  So relatively speaking facebook is searched many, many more times.    Try and think back to when you opened your facebook account on this time line and place yourself amongst the population.  Were you earlier or later than your friends in your “social network”?  (LinkedIn never shows up on the chart relative to Facebook so I did not reference it)



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